Anonymous: Are you going to start posting more outfits? (: 

I’m not sure tbh.

If I get a chance,I haven’t been keeping up with Acacia lately.

Anonymous: woher kaufst du deine autfits??? 

English pls.

offline for the next couple of weeks -

i’m going to have put this account on hold for a couple weeks,reason is because i’m starting school soon.And my school didn’t give me any credits for the first semester,so i have to work 2x as hard;plus im auditioning for the xfactor so i have to keep practicing.

sorry xox

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Exact! G Stage Scarf!  (similars: x x x )
Exact! J Crew Sweater! (similars: x x)
Exact! Hollister co. Jeans! (similar: x)
Exact! Papaya clothing combat boots! (similar: x)
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Similar! American Eagle Blue Flannel ! x
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Exact! J Crew Sweater! Similar x
Exact! G Stage leggings! (discontinued) Similar! x
Exact! Papaya Clothing Combat boots! Simialr x